How TRU Works

Tru is a new kind of Internet company. Tru builds networks that connects people to organizations and organizations to each other. Watch the video below for more information about Tru and how it works.

Tru FAQs

What is Tru?

Tru is a social media platform for individuals and organizations. It provides the reputation-based infrastructure required for science and journalism – and needed now by all of society.


What is a Hub?

A Hub is a space for group collaboration and publishing. You can create a Hub as an individual or for an organization. Only Hubs can publish on Tru.


What is The Difference Between a Hub Admin and a Hub Curator

Hub Admins have full control over a Hub. They can change the Hub's settings, promote members to Curators or Admins, invite people to join and approve requests to join their Hub.

Curators don't have as many privileges as Admins, but they serve an important role by publishing the most highly elevated content from their Hub forum. Think of them as the sidekicks for the Hub Admins.


What is the Difference Between Joining and Following a Hub?

Following a Hub puts its content on your feed. If you want to interact with the content you need to be invited and then join the Hub.


What is a Network on Tru?

A Network is a connected grouping of Hubs that choose to be aligned with each other. Each Network is curated by the founder of that Network and/or other approved curators. Hubs within a Network will have their own private channel and have the ability to share approved posts into a collective feed that represents the best information from all of the Hubs in the Network.


What is the TruLine

The TruLine shows where content came from, where it was posted and republished, and by whom.


What's the Difference Between Posting and Publishing

Posting is for review/pre-publication - It is content that is put on Tru to be reviewed by other users. Users can post to their page to see what their followers have to say about it or in Hubs. Within Hubs members elevate content they find the most valuable and Hub Curators choose to publish the most elevated content.

Publishing expands the reach of the piece of content to either all of Tru or the entire internet. Think of it, basically, as an official representation/statement by a user or a Hub.


Does Tru Have an App?

Tru is a progressive web application. It runs on computer, mobile and tablet on Mac, PC, iPhone, Android and pretty much any device. If you have an internet connection, you can run Tru. It does not require an app store download or Apple/Google's approval. Tru can be saved to an icon on the phone or desktop, if you want an app-like experience.


Why Do I Need to Verify my Phone Number to Publish?

Tru authenticates your identity using your mobile to prove that you are one unique human and not an evil bot or troll. You can still view content if you choose to sign-up using your e-mail only, but you will be unable to publish until you verify your number.


Can Anyone See my Phone Number After I Verify

No. Our system uses your number to send you an SMS code to verify you are a real person. That's it. No one can see it after.


Why Should I Trust Tru?

We took our California Benefit Corporation commitments a step further by including the following commitments in our Articles of Incorporation. Tru is legally bound to:

1. Operating a network infrastructure that allows all parties to exchange information under mutually binding terms and conditions in a manner that protects both entities and individual users by preventing personal information from being exploited for financial gain.

2. Connecting individual users with other entities without any manipulation (e.g. application of secret algorithms) based on compensation offered or paid by such connected entities.

3. Prioritizing consideration of the earth’s climate, biodiversity and the well-being of future generations over short-term profits and will not cause environmental degradation in pursuit of such profit.


How is my Data Protected on Tru?

Tru gives you full agency over what you want Tru or any other entity to use regarding your information or movement within the Tru platform.

Let’s be clear about this. Other platforms collect information on the people, connections, hashtags, groups, products, features you use, actions you take, people you engage with in terms of time engaged, frequency/duration of your engagement.

Tru will only have access to this information if you give Tru permission. Visit Profiles & Settings on your Home page on Tru to adjust these settings. Tru is built on GDPR standards, it does not track any of these behaviors without permission.


Can I Auto-Translate Posts on Tru?

There are many ways to supercharge your internet browser (the program you're using to view this website) so that you can translate a page to any language you want.

We recommend using Google Chrome as it has the best translation abilities, but we have provided instructions for all of the most used internet browsers.

Below are instructions to translate based on the browser you’re using:

(Mobile) Safari iPhones

(Mobile) Android Phones

(Mobile) Microsoft Edge on Windows Phone

(Web) Mozilla Firefox:

(Web) Safari on Mac:

(Web) Google Chrome:

(Web) Microsoft Edge


Link to Detailed Translation Instructions:

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