Calling All Circles* Network is a project of Open Heart, initiator of the
Only Love Prevails World Peace Experiment

an ongoing project begun in 1996.


Carol Hansen Grey, co-founder of Open Heart, has been involved in the "circle movement" since she served as co-director of an alternative healing center in 1992 where circle principles were used in all staff meetings. From 2000-2004 she served as Executive Director of Women of Vision and Action (WOVA), a nonprofit organization that was founded on and guided by using circle principles. In 2001 Carol initiated a WOVA project called "Gather the Women" that has since evolved into a nonprofit organization that is run using Circle Principles. She currently serves on the Convener's Circle of Gather the Women.

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[*NOTE: The name "Calling All Circles" was birthed in a brainstorming meeting between members of Millionth Circle and Gather the Women. Carol, who attended the meeting as a representative of Gather the Women, took on the project of creating the Network through her company, Open Heart utilizing the online platform.]