Welcome to the Calling All Circles Network

Calling All Circles Network provides a space for circles to connect privately with their members and, if they so choose, to connect and collaborate with other like circles. In this way we can generate constellations of circles
working together in harmony and a shared vision of
helping to create a peaceful, sustainable world.
This network is provided free of charge to all
circles who follow circle principles.
To join, fill out our Questionnaire.

Historical research indicates that both women and men have been gathering in circles since the beginning of time. Many indigenous groups continue to gather in circles in countries throughout the world. In the 80's the feminist movement began with the idea that meeting in circle was an equitable and safe way to share stories and promote healthier communication. Dr. Jean Shinoda Bolen added to this movement by writing her books The Millionth Circle and Moving Toward the Millionth Circle. Her idea was to both increase and unite the circle movement so that we reach a tipping point for our united goals of a envisioning and creating a healthier humanity and planet. Thanks to modern technology we are actually now able to connect circles in a way that will help speed up this global transformation.

This network will serve as:

A growing resource for new and existing circles,

An opportunity for sacred circles around the globe to connect, and

A collaborative platform to help create a peaceful, just, sustainable and harmonious world.

If you participate in a sacred circle that meets using the circle principles listed here, then we would love to have you fill out this form. Once we receive your form, you will be invited to participate in the "Calling All Circles" Network, facilitated by For more information about how operates, click here.